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I am 12+ year experience SEO & Digital Marketing Expert.

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How we help you with SEO + Digital Marketing + Google Adwords Management?
We will Increase your SEO/Digital Marketing/Adwords/PPC efficiency by upto 75%* of the campaign & manage your accounts so you can focus on your business and leave online marketing to us. Our SEO/Advertisement model is based on Returns on Investments & Lowest Possible Fees by Certified Adwords Expert/ SEO Consultant Bangalore/New York City.

What about Organic Search Engine Optimization vs Digital Marketing/Google Adwords?
It can take some time for you to see result in Organic Seo but with Digital Marketing/ Adwords you can get clients instantly. Further trying Seo one needs to be Patient, Rushing & Unethical Seo can get u penalized, So one may go for Seo if you can wait to get business but for instant client requirement Google adwords +SEO is recommended, Of course we need to do smart management too@Lowest possible fees by Certified Adwords Expert/ SEO Consultant Bangalore/New York City.

Why SEO + Google Adwords/Facebook/Bing/Yahoo Advertisements?
Its is Estimated that millions of people buy online or use to search online than buy stuff offline So if you are not online you are losing a big business opportunity. I can confirm you that SEO + Digital Marketing with expert PPC campaign management gives you highest ROI compare to any Offline or Online Advertisement. This is purely on my own experience since 2005.

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